Proven Wild 8 Ft Lineman's Rope for Hunting & Treestand Safety

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  • FEEL SAFE IN THE TREE: Most falls occur climbing in and out of the treestand. Feel secure while climbing, sitting, and descending while connected to your harness lifeline with the help of our 8-foot tree tether. With a 350-pound rating, our life lines for tree stands help you facilitate a safer climb.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Wrap the tree stand safety line around the tree and thread the line through the hunting rope loop attached above the treestand to secure its placement around the tree. The tree tether rope can be loosened and tightened while ascending or descending the tree for safe and flexible movement.
  • DOESN'T TANGLE: Built thick and sturdy, this lifeline tree stand rope will not tangle on itself. The tree stand safety rope also features a sliding prusik knot with a carabiner to clip your hunting harness to while minimizing slips and falls. Our tree safety line will work with almost any tethered saddle hunting system and linemans belt.
  • IDEAL LENGTH: This 8-Foot tree strap for hunting is long enough for most climbing lifeline and hunting saddle system applications. Our safety rope for tree stand also features a non-reflective camo color and silently slides, helping you stay lowkey while safety line hunting.
  • LINEMAN CLIMBING SAFETY SYSTEM FOR EVERY STAND: These climbing safety line ropes can be installed on nearly any sized tree and you should have one installed in every stand. Simply clip the treestand hoist line carabiner to the rear of your safety harness and climb. The tree rope can get wet, muddy, and bloody and still perform!