REFLECTIVE Treestand Lifeline Rope for Hunting - 30 ft Harness Lifeline Reflective with Prusik Knot and Single Carabiner -Proven Wild

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  • EASY TO INSTALL: Wrap the hunting lifeline around the tree and thread the line through the loop attaching above the treestand. Can also be used while ascending or descending the tree like a lineman's belt.
  • DOESN'T TANGLE: Built thick and sturdy this treestand lifeline will not tangle on itself. The prusik knot with carabiner is simple, strong, and effective.
  • PERFECT LENGTH: This 30 Foot hunter's lifeline is long enough for most treestand applications.

This Tree-line by Proven Wild is a REFLECTIVE safety line designed to keep you attached to the tree in event of a slip or fall while climbing, standing in, or descending from a Treestand. 350 pound weight limit. 30 foot line. Reflective to help Safety personnel in the event of a rescue.